From 10 km
From 2.5 hours
Difficulty: easy

What awaits you?

Garkalne is very close to Riga. Most often it is associated with a prosperous municipality “on the way to Sigulda”, but in fact, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy a pleasant walk in fresh air – in the Garkalne nature reserve. Pine forests, Krievupe river, Bullezers lake and other natural beauties are close and easy to reach. 

Route description

This route doesn’t even really require a route description. The beautiful pine forests will allow you to walk as far as the eyes can see. However, for convenience, I have prepared two “loops” – you can combine them or go separately. On these routes, you can enjoy nature right here in nearby Riga. Briefly about the points on the map: 

  • You can leave the car in several places (of course, respecting nature and private property). Also, you can easily come by bus or by train.
  • The meadows by Krievupe river are an excellent place for observing various birds and forest animals.
  • On the left side of Krievupe river, you’ll find whats left of the former USSR army base.
  • On the right side of Krievupe river is the small Bullezers lake which is a great place for relaxation in the forest.
  • Also, there are two places marked on the map where it is possible to cross Krievupe river without getting your feet wet.