Taurupe - Licupe

23 km
4 to 5 hours
Difficulty: medium

What awaits you?

This time in the footsteps of an old railway – near Taurupe you will find the Plauzu lake and the old railway line Riga – Ergli, the bridge over Licupe and wading along the shores of Licupe. 

Route description

On this route, there aren’t many “objects of interest” – enjoy the walk and explore the nature around you. I have heard that cycling is also nice to do in this region. 

  • Start in Taurupe and “along the streets of Taurupe” go in the direction of the former railway.
  • When you reach the railway line, go to the left towards the Plauzu lake, where you can also take a moment of rest.
  • Then through the forest (if you want, you can also go through a flooded area, but it’s better not to) back to the railway line and for a while walk the same way you came.
  • Further on, you will come to the old construction area of the Taurupe station.
  • Then after a quite long walk, you will reach the old railway bridge over Licupe, where you can have a proper packed lunch.
  • From here, along the shores of Licupe, follow the approximately indicated route.
  • When you get to the meadow, do not disturb the residents of the local houses and try to get to the nearest path (improvisation).
  • Further go back to Taurupe, after viewing the Taurupes manor, you will be arrived at the starting point.