15 km
Up to 4 hours
Difficulty: medium

What awaits you?

Much heard, rarely seen – that’s what I would like to say about Seda and its moor. We often hear that Seda is one of those places where you can really feel the breath of the past, but since it is quite far from Riga, we rarely visit it. However, I recommend to go there, because it is not only possible to “experience” the Soviet times, but also to see the “swamp industry” in all its glory. 

Route description

Seda is one of those places in Latvia where it seems that everything happens a little differently. Seda is founded in 1953 and formed near the peat factory, it currently invites visitors with its Soviet-style town and moor. Although it is far from Riga, it is definitely recommended to visit this place to see Latvia from a different point of view. We went in winter when you will definitely not meet anyone else, but in summer this place is more popular. 

NB! In the summer, route changes are possible in connection with the peat extraction activity taking place in the moor. In winter, this route can be followed as shown on the map. 

Briefly about the route: 

  • Start in the city center of Seda, look at the architecture and explore how different this city is from the rest.
  • Next, go towards the moor, have a look at the garden district and at the narrow-gauge railway.
  • Along the moor path, you can see the swamp and explore the flora and fauna.
  • Going by the railway tracks, you will reach the other side of the city, where you will go back to the city through the forests, past the peat extraction site.
  • Take another look at the city, have lunch and see the local church.